New Year, New Bill Numbers

The Ward 4 Dems’ Endorsed Bills Have Updated House and Senate Numbers

Common Start 

  • SD.667 (Lewis/Moran) / HD.2794 (Gordon/Madaro): An Act providing affordable and accessible high-quality early education and care to promote child development and well-being and support the economy in the Commonwealth
  • Establishes a framework for delivering increased access to affordable, high-quality early education and child care with greater reinvestment in providers, better pay for workers, and a cap on costs for families

State House Staff Collective Bargaining

  • SD.1208 (Keenan) / HD.2435 (Kearney): An Act relative to collective bargaining rights for legislative employees
  • Extends collecting bargaining rights to State House staff

Tenant Opportunity to Purchase 

  • SD.2238 (Jehlen) / HD.3645 (Livingstone/Consalvo) 
  • Provides tenants of small, medium, and large multifamily properties with right of first refusal when the owner plans to put a building on the market, provided that they can make a bona fide offer to match the asking price in a reasonable period of time

Safe Communities Act 

  • SD.1937 (Eldridge/Miranda) / HD.2459 (Balser/Cruz):  An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents
  • Limits local and state police collaboration with federal immigration agents, bars law enforcement and court personnel from inquiring about immigration status, and ensures due process protections

Same Day Registration

  • SD.1458 (Creem) An Act making voting administrative changes to create equitable systemic solutions / HD.2537 (Gentile):  An Act establishing same day registration of voters 
  • Enables eligible citizens to register to vote at the polls, eliminating the 10-day voter registration window

We the People Act

  • SD.129 (Eldridge) / HD.397 (Gentile / Vieira) 
  • Calls for a limited constitutional convention to propose an amendment to undo Citizens United and authorize campaign finance regulation

Death with Dignity 

  •  SD.265 / HD.2342 (O’Day / Philips): An Act relative to end of life options
  • Allow residents of Massachusetts to access medical aid in dying

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