“Will Massachusetts Lead on Child Care and Early Education?”

In his Guest Opinion in the April, 2023 issue of Fenway News, Ward 4 Chair Jonathan Cohn asks whether the state legislature has the will to enact the Common Start legislative framework for “sustainable and affordable childcare infrastructure.”

He writes: “Investments in childcare and early education are not only good for the economic security of parents: they are also highly beneficial for children. High-quality early-education programs get results. Children benefit with enhanced resiliency and employment opportunities over their lifetimes. Providing children with high quality early education and childcare is one of the most effective ways to further a child’s success in grades K-12 and beyond—and that pays off in the long run. To quote Mayor Michelle Wu, ‘The greatest investment we can make in our future is to support and center our young people.’”

The Ward 4 Dems have proudly endorsed Common Start and will continue to advocate for passage THIS legislative session.

Read Jonathan’s Opinion here.

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