Ward 4 Chair Jonathan Cohn Comments on Governor Healey’s Wait-and-See Policy Approach

In her Opinion piece for The Boston Globe (April 10, 2023), Columnist Joan Vennochi critiques Governor Maura Healey’s “safe, pragmatic approach [that is] playing nicely with voters.” The Governor has staked out a middle-of-the-road position on critical issues like housing, social services, and the MBTA, Vennochi writes. Opinion polls continue to be favorable.

On the issue of tax reform, Vennochi quotes Jonathan Cohn: “Her instinct has been to give that money back, weakening our state’s ability to deliver on the promise of investment.” On housing and transit, Jonathan comments, “I think we need to see more from her administration about what their major goals are and how they would track their own success. There isn’t enough communicated urgency about what is needed for the affordability crisis and the crisis of the MBTA.” Vennochi also cites Jonathan’s description of Healey’s “wait-and-see” attitude on zoning changes that are aimed at increasing affordable housing.

In addition to chairing the Ward 4 Dems, Jonathan is policy director of Progressive Massachusetts.

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