“Old Boston” Mobilizing in City Council Races

Ward 4 Vice Chair Jonathan Cohn is quoted in an August 7th Boston Globe article on the current state of the Boston City Council races. The article, written by Emma Platoff, points to “a slate of races that are as much about competence and cooperation as they are about ideology… In many ways, this fall’s election outlines a familiar political power struggle for Boston, between the new crop of progressive contenders that has gained ground here in recent elections, and a more moderate faction that has long held power.”

Jonathan adds, “You can definitely see across a number of races this year, the way in which a kind of ‘old Boston’ that was particularly enraged at losing the mayor’s office is trying to mobilize… to get back some power that they feel like they have lost. [The candidates are running as their own people but] they’re also stand-ins for different coalitions.”

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