New Polling Location for Ward 4 Precincts 11 & 12

Thanks to the efforts of Ward 4 members and the support of City Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson, the Boston Election Commission has moved the polling location for two of Ward 4’s precincts from the MFA to the Fenway Center. Board Chair Eneida Tavares writes, “Thank you for detailing your concern regarding the polling location at the MFA. We have considered your concern. On Tuesday, February 6th,  the Board of Election Commissioners officially voted to move the polling location for Ward 4 Precincts 11 & 12 from the MFA to the Fenway Center. All voters impacted will be notified via first-class mail.”

This announcement is a win-win for equitable voting access. Councilor Anderson adds, “The polling location at the Museum of Fine Arts [did] not meet the democratic standard of providing a stable, convenient, inclusive, and welcoming venue for voting. This change [will] better serve the interests of our community members and enhance their voting experience.”

The Fenway Center is located at 77 Saint Stephen Street.

Special thanks to Jonathan Cohn for compiling a compelling array of data supporting the location change.

Fenway Center photo: Ryan Hatcher

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