Postcard Activism Advances Our Endorsed Ballot Measures

Ward 4 member Jackie Royce has enlisted a group of friends to support her guerrilla campaign for the Fair Share (Yes on 1) and Safer Roads (Yes on 4) Amendments. Handwriting hundreds of postcards that she mails to neighbors in nearby residential buildings in Ward 4, Jackie is encouraging voter engagement—one personalized card at a time.

Postcard campaigning has its roots in the 2017 Women’s March, according to the Progressive Turnout Project. “The thousands of grassroots resistance groups that formed in the following days created a huge amount of political power. From the start, many of these groups began to write postcards. If you recall writing postcards or letters to the White House and Mitch McConnell in living rooms and libraries, you’re not alone. Few of us thought those efforts would change the political landscape, but we learned an important lesson: taking action and building community made us feel powerful.

“Data scientists who measured how effective the postcards were…found that those sent ahead of the primary election increased turnout by 1.2% among voters who received the postcards.” In a low-turnout election, that can be a powerful boost.  

Kudos to Jackie for her tireless and heartfelt advocacy work!

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